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    Quick quotation mechanism

    Due to the instability of raw materials, we update the price information regularly every day. For foreign trade business, the waiting time of customers directly determines the chance of cooperation between customers and us.we can update new price to our customer in time.

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    Strong quality assurance

    We have rich experience in exporting and have dedicated staff responsible for product quality testing, and have signed long-term cooperation with ten high-quality galvanizing factories and blackening factories.So we will never allow quality problems such as partial buckling, old buckling, cracking, poor galvanizing and bad blackening.

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    Strong production capacity

    We have been engaged in the fastener industry for more than 20 years.With 35 sets of advanced cold heading machine equipment and 20 skilled workers and the total workers reached to 48, the average daily output is about 50 tons. We can sure about customer delivery time requirement.

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    Stable delivery time

    After signing the contract, we will immediately arrange the production and procurement departments to carry out production and procurement.with high quality products,we can sure about customers’ delivery time and even if earlier than customers requirement.


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About us

HanDan AoJia Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of fasteners with over 30 years experience and a strong technical team. Our company mainly produces 3pcs/4pcs Fix Bolts, Ceiling Anchor, Wedge Anchor, Sleeve Anchors, Antiskid Shark Fin Type Anchor, Drop in Anchor, Metal Frame Anchor, Foundation Bolts, Hex Bolts, Hex Nuts, Flat Washers, Spring Washers, thread rods and so on.Our products has been successfully sold to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Russia, India, Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines, Australia, Malaysia, South Korea and other markets. 



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